200 Hour Training and Immersion

Fall 2019 to Spring 2020

Please be in touch with Erin (yogakittery @ gmail . com) if you are interested in her upcoming 200 Hour Immersion and Training. She will accredit this program with the Yoga Alliance by this fall.

Erin recommends this program to: yoga students with at least 5 years of consistent yoga practice who are familiar with Erin’s classes; yoga teachers who are seeking to enhance their understanding of the art and science of yoga; and other movement, fitness and healthcare professionals who seek further education.

This program is not open to: students with less than 5 years of consistent practice; yogis who are unfamiliar with Erin’s classes; or those who cannot appreciate a scientifically informed asana practice.

A desire to teach is not required to attend this program, a desire to learn is required. If this program appeals to you, but you do not currently take classes with Erin, she recommends that you begin taking classes with her soon to be considered for this program.

Dates, schedule and other details are in the works. Approximate cost will be $2500 with 180 hours in class and 20 hours of homework and research. Class size will be capped at 15 students. An application will be posted by mid August.


Now: Email Erin to signal your interest, and to be the first to get details and apply.

Early August: If you’ve contacted Erin, you get all the details and the application in advance of the general notice.

August 15: Application opens to everyone.

August 15 to September 1: Apply to training.

October 2019: Training begins.

March 2020: Graduation!