Massage Therapy with Erin Ehlers


Styles and Techniques

Using her background in anatomy, your intake starts with discussion of your needs and goals for bodywork. For a relaxing massage, the long flowing strokes of Swedish style massage are used. In areas of pain or tension, deep tissue techniques are best. She may also employ myofascial stretching, range of motion techniques, static touch on trigger points and other types of bodywork to address your needs.


Erin is licensed as a massage therapist in the state of Maine. She offers massage therapy appointments at 50 State Road in Kittery on Wednesdays, some Saturdays and occasional other times. Please email to book an appointment.

60 minute massage: $85

Options for an hour-long massage: a full body massage with the intention of all-over relaxation and stress relief; or focused treatment work on a requested area of pain or tension.

90 minute massage: $120

Options for a ninety minute massage: a full body massage that can also include a couple areas of treatment work; or multiple areas of focused treatment work without addressing the full body.

2 hour appointment of massage therapy and yoga therapy: $225 (appointment will be held at Yoga on the Hill)

This 2 hour appointment begins with a intake to discuss your areas of restriction, pain or injury. Then, you'll receive an hour-long massage focused on your needs. Once you are off the table, Erin will work with you for about 45 minutes to design an at-home yoga practice so you can continue your healing process. Yoga therapy can include yoga poses, strengthening components, movement and lifestyle recommendations.