January 2 to April 6, 2019

We run our schedule on a pre-registered basis, but we welcome you to drop in at any class. Come check us out! 

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TUESDAYS, 8-9am, Healthy Aging with Erin

TUESDAYS, 9:30-11am, level 2 with Erin

TUESDAYS, 4:30-5:30pm, level 1 with Erin

TUESDAYS, 6-7:30pm, level 2 with Erin

WEDNESDAYS,  6-7:30pm, level 1 with Sandra

FRIDAYS, 8-9:30am, level 2 with Erin

FRIDAYS, 10-11:30, level 1 with Erin

SATURDAYS, 8-9:30am, level 2 with Erin

SATURDAYS, 10-11am, Healthy Aging


Session costs: $12 per 60 minute class, $14 per 90 minute class
One class per week (you must commit to a specific class weekly):
Example: $14 per 90 minute class x 16 weeks = $224

Two classes per week (you must commit to two specific classes weekly):
Example: $12 per 60 minute class x 16 weeks x 2 weekly classes = $384

The actual cost of your session payment will reflect any classes you'd like to deduct in advance. Here's the common scenario: you register for the Wednesday 6pm class, which is 12 weeks long. You know in advance that you will miss one week for a vacation. You pay for 11 weeks of class. During the session, you miss a third class when you catch a cold. You make up that class on a Thursday night at 6pm later in the session. 

Drop-in costs: 
$18 per class (60 or 90 minutes)
$10 per class for yoga teachers (any weekly class)

Payment Policies

Please be in touch with Erin if you are interested in attending consistently, but are unable to pay the full cost. Erin will assist any dedicated yogi. 
We run our schedule on a pre-registered basis, but we ALWAYS welcome you to drop-in at any time. Come check us out! 

If you know you cannot attend each class in the session, then pay only for the classes you will attend. 

If, during the session, you unexpectedly miss a class, then you may make it up at another class time during the session. Classes cannot be applied to another session. 

Please note: the $12 or $14 class rate is offered to students who register for 2/3 of the classes in a session. Otherwise, the cost is $18 per class. For example, for Tuesdays at 6pm, there are 16 weeks of classes. If you are deducting more than 5 classes, you will be asked to pay the drop in rate.

Payments for classes, workshops and special events will not be refunded nor will credit be given, unless the studio cancels the event. Any missed classes must be made up during the same session, and cannot be carried over to the next session. Class payments cannot be transferred to events or workshops (or vice versa). Classes and payments cannot be transferred to another student. Our policy is firm. No exceptions.