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Sweet Relief at Repose Yoga in Newburyport: SOLD OUT!


SOLD OUT: Hope you can join us next time! 

45 (includes massage balls)

This class is at Repose Yoga in Newburyport: please register through their site.

In this class, Erin will guide two deep techniques that will have you breathing deeper and moving with ease. Using solid rubber balls and soft inflated balls to massage the neck, upper back, shoulders, and chest, you’ll roll through a self-massage sequence that will refresh and repair those tight spots. After the massage sequence, you’ll make use of the new-found relief with a few gentle postures before settling into a restorative pose for deep rest. The combination of self-massage with restorative will bring you sweet relief for tired muscles and a busy mind.

And, these self-massage balls are yours to take with you! Enjoy these techniques at home and provide better care of your fascial and muscular systems.