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Hip and Pelvis Therapeutics

Hips and Pelvis Therapeutics
Saturdays: Feb 25, March 4, March 11
Noon to 1:15pm
Class size is limited!

This three week series is open to students who are working with hip or pelvis concerns, who are wanting to increase hip or pelvic health, or need to prevent hip or pelvic injury. As this class is open to only 8-10 students, priority will be give to students who are finding it difficult to practice in other classes. This is a therapeutic class, and is not geared to the general idea of stretching or opening the hips. 

Our work will be centered on alignment and healthy range of motion. Strengthening exercises, gentle range, gait observation and basic yoga poses will be included. You do not need a diagnosis to attend, though a knowledge of your issue is helpful. Erin cannot provide a diagnosis or medical advice. Your home practice of the content is expected.

You must be cleared for exercise, if your physician has asked you to avoid exercise, then please honor that advice (especially if you are post-op). If you are not sure that your particular issue is appropriate for this class, then please be in touch with Erin.