Yoga Therapy

Erin is a C-IAYT, certified as a Yoga Therapist by the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Yoga therapy brings the benefits of a dedicated yoga practice to support your specific needs.


What is Yoga Therapy? 
Yoga therapy is an integrated healing practice that can include a synthesis of the following aspects of yoga: asana (yoga postures, movements and sequences), pranayama (breath practices), dharana and dhyana (concentration and meditation), hands-on assistance, yoga philosophy discussion and lifestyle recommendations (drawing from Ayurveda and functional movement perspectives).

In short, a yoga practice is created through collaboration between therapist and client. All practices are designed to meet the individual's needs. Yoga therapy requires the client to be an active participant in their own healing.

What is a Yoga Therapy session like? 
Yoga therapy sessions are not similar to general classes. Prior to meeting, you will fill out a detailed intake form. At your first session (75 minutes), your therapist will want to discuss your intake form to understand your health history. You will also discuss what your intentions and desired outcomes are. Considerations like how much time you can dedicate to practicing will be regarded. Postural analysis, breath observation and yoga poses are generally included in the first meeting, so that your therapist can get a sense of your habits. From here, your therapist may look at meditation techniques, philosophical discussion or lifestyle recommendations with you. Your take-home practice will be emailed to you within 1-2 days (though you may want to take your own notes!). This sequence can be sent as an audio recording or emailed in a written description.

In the second and third meetings (30-45 minutes), your therapist will want an honest discussion of your practice, your experiences and outcomes. Your therapist may adjust the practice with you based on your feedback. Your therapist will want to observe your practice, and offer assistance on the techniques. Further follow-up sessions can be scheduled at the client's request.

The client is fully expected to practice their yoga in between sessions. In fact, the efficacy of yoga therapy relies on both parties equally. The yoga therapist must bring her skill and attention, and the client must bring commitment and investment in their own self-care. To be only works when you practice it! If you are not willing to practice on your own, we suggest that you take classes instead of seeking private sessions.

Why do people seek Yoga Therapy?
Clients seek Yoga Therapy for many reasons. The physical practice of yoga (postures and exercises) and the subtler practices (breath, meditation) have been shown through scientific research to assist and even heal conditions ranging from low back pain to eating disorders. This article can lead you to explore some of the recent research. Ultimately, the benefits of yoga need to be self-evident: the client should experience a relief from suffering, whatever form that suffering may take.

Erin says, "I have worked with clients as young as 8 years old, and with people in their 70's. I have seen many clients for prehab and rehab for orthopedic issues, like shoulder pain and scoliosis. I've worked with clients who want a practice to support recovery from anxiety, depression or acute stress. I've met with clients while they are in cardiac rehab and cancer care. Whether the concern is acute and requiring medical intervention, or less intensive but still worrisome, yoga therapy is a powerful step in creating a self-care routine. We learn that we have the ability to access our resiliency and well-being through our yoga practice."

Please consider
A yoga therapist cannot diagnose a condition nor offer medical advice. All work done in the yoga therapy context is meant to increase awareness and to improve all aspects of health and well-being.  You are welcome to contact Erin if you do not have a diagnosis, but she cannot give you one. Erin may suggest contacting medical or psychiatric providers if she feels you require immediate intervention. 

Erin does not meet one-on-one with students who are looking to work on yoga postures, or who want to ask nuts-and-bolts questions about yoga poses. Consistent, regular attendance in her weekly classes will deepen your practice, and offers a venue to ask these questions.

Costs and Scheduling: 
Erin asks her clients to commit to 3 sessions. The initial intake session is 75 minutes long. Two additional visits between 45 and 60 minutes long are scheduled as follow-up. The cost for these 3 sessions is $300, paid in full, prior to or at the first session. The two follow up sessions must occur within 6-8 weeks of the initial intake visit. Please email Erin at to discuss scheduling.

If you have already met with Erin as a private client or for yoga therapy, and you would like to schedule another session after 8 weeks of the initial intake, an hour long session for $115 may be scheduled.

Erin is also available to work with small groups (3-5 students) who want to meet 3 or more times. Please be in touch if you have a group who would like to work therapeutically on a specific concern. The cost for small group sessions is $125 an hour.

Contact Erin at to schedule your intake session, or to ask questions.