Yoga Therapy

Erin offers one-on-one guidance as yoga therapy. Erin is a C-IAYT, certified as a Yoga Therapist by the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Yoga therapy brings the benefits of a dedicated yoga practice to serve a client's specific needs.

What is Yoga Therapy? 
Yoga therapy is an integrated healing practice that can include a synthesis of the following aspects of yoga. 
Asana: postures and sequences designed to the individual's needs, ranging from active work to restorative postures. 
Pranayama: breath practices and techniques based on the health and experience of the student
Dharana and Dhyana: concentration and meditation techniques that suit the student's goals
Hands-on assistance: guidance from the teacher to increase kinesthetic awareness and to direct intention
Yoga philosophy discussion and integration: using the wisdom of yoga philosophy to untangle mental blocks
Lifestyle recommendations: drawing from Ayurveda and functional movement perspectives

What is a Yoga Therapy session like? 
Yoga therapy sessions are not similar to general classes. They are meant to work with a specific concern or diagnosis, and to work towards a specific outcome or goal. The client is fully expected to practice their yoga in between sessions. In fact, the efficacy of yoga therapy relies on both parties equally. The yoga therapist must bring her skill and attention, and the client must bring commitment and investment in their own self-care.

Why do people seek Yoga Therapy?
Clients seek Yoga Therapy for many reasons. The physical practice of yoga (postures and exercises) and the subtler practices (breath, meditation) have been shown through scientific research to assist and even heal conditions ranging from low back pain to eating disorders. This article can lead you to explore some of the recent research. Ultimately, the benefits of yoga need to be self-evident: the client should experience a relief from suffering, whatever form that suffering may take. Erin can recommend Yoga Therapy for the following:
Mental and emotional suffering (anger, anxiety and depression) 
Musculoskeletal pain and impingement such as stiffness, tension and dysfunction
Joint pain and injury, and post-operative needs (back pain, rotator cuff tears, knee and hip surgeries and replacements) 
Pelvic floor disorders
Mobility issues (balance, restricted walking, problems from a sedentary lifestyle) 
Easing symptoms of systemic diseases and their treatment (cancer care, cardiac care) 
Issues surrounding food and diet (eating disorders, obesity, binge eating)

Miscellaneous Info
A yoga therapist cannot diagnose a condition nor offer medical advice. All work done in the yoga therapy context is meant to increase awareness and to improve all aspects of health and well-being.  You are welcome to contact Erin if you do not have a diagnosis, but she cannot give you one. Erin may suggest contacting medical or psychiatric providers if she feels you require immediate intervention. If she feels your condition requires intervention beyond the scope of Yoga Therapy, she will decline to meet with you.

Before contacting Erin for an appointment:
Prior to getting in touch with Erin, please consider these three things:
1. What is my intention for working privately with a yoga therapist?
2. Am I willing to commit to practicing yoga at home, for how long and how often? 
3. Do my needs require one-on-one yoga therapy, or would I be served just as well by attending a class with a skilled instructor?

Initial intake session is 75 minutes long. 1-3 additional visits between 30 and 60 minutes long can be expected, and will be scheduled at the initial visit. 
75 minute initial intake: $95
60 minute follow up:$80
30 minute follow up: $55

Contact yogakittery @ gmail . com to schedule your intake session, or to ask questions.